Kosan Crisplant Flexspeed System

Kosan Crisplant's carrousel filling system is designed for safe and effective filling of all kind of LPG cylinders.
  • The system Up to 3,600 cylinders per hour on one single carousel system.
  • New handling and processing techniques.
  • Triple output on the same space.
  • Continuous flow – no stopping and starting.
  • Dynamic high-capacity processing technology.

Inline Filling System

Kosan Crisplant’s mobile compact filling systems are designed for safe and efficient filling and checking of all kinds of LPG cylinders.
  • Suitable for low capacity filling industrial cylinder.
  • Capacity between 50 and 250 cylinders per hr.
  • Semi-automatic handling of cylinders.
  • Flexible to different cylinder diameters.
  • Can perform both filling and check weighing.
  • Flexible solutions with possibilities of expansion.

Everything LPG

  • We offer in a standard way execution of complete refueling LPG station
  • Selection of proper equipment and fittings, installation, commissioning, training of personnel, certification of LPG dispenser.

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Welcome LPG Bangladesh & Your One Stop LPG Solution...

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LPG Bottling Plant-EPC/EPS / Tunkey based solution:

The Kosan Crisplant Group is a project-oriented corporation,that supplies equipment, plants and systems for filling and maintenance of LP gas cylinders and offers after-sales and engineering services, and facility management. Since 1951, the group has supplied 2400 plants in 120 countries all over the world. The Kosan Crisplant Group has offices in several countries around the world, and is a market leader with a share of 60%. The Kosan Crisplant Group has a staff of approx. 300 motivated employees worldwide and a turnover of approx. 54 m EUR. more details:  www.kosancrisplant.com

tsPartnership with professionals

► ISO tank containers

► Semi-trailers

► Bobtails

► Autogas Filling Sation Equipments

► LPG Conversion Equipments

► BUlk LPG supplier's


Tecnogas self-supporting semi-trailers are designed and manufactured accordingto ADR / TPED directives, in tandem and tridem version with mechanical orpneumatic suspensions, and can be equipped with rear or central transfersystem.Tecnogas semi-trailers guarantee an optimal weight when empty, perfectroadholding and reliability in all conditions.In the forefront of progress, all Tecnogas semi-trailers are equipped with themost advanced solutions.  

 LPG AugoGas:  

If you drive an LPG Autogas vehicle it's good to know that, in addition to saving large amounts of money, you can also contribute to saving the environment.LPG Autogas powered vehicles emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases and other pollutants than petrol-powered equivalents. LPG typically has around 20 per cent less ozone forming potential (a measure of the tendency to generate photochemical smog), between 10 and 15 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions and only one fifth air toxics emissions.

Bulk Storage Tank for LPG:

We think we are so glad to introduce you for ourselves , The BanglaMark which sales LPG small and large storage tank. We are in a position which leads LPG Tank.

Kitchen Equipments

We are providing best quality equipments for your kitchen. The company has always represented quality with due value added approach to its customers. Satisfaction of our valued Customers is the Mission Statement of our company. We provide best quality in Planning, Custom Designing, Installing and After Sales Support. Our client base extends to renowned Hospitality Industries, Industrial Canteens, Educational Institutions, Hospital, Hostels, Resorts, Clubs & Messes etc.

Installation of LPG Bulk Storage Tank

As every installation varies, it is important to select the right LPG bulk tank for your needs. Our specialist will advise you of the best combination and storage options. Above ground tanks come in a range of sizes. The appropriate size of tank will depend on the following factors: 

» Total estimated gas consumption of all the appliances on the system at peak demand.
» Physical constraints imposed by the site.
» Access for installation of the LPG bulk tank.
» Access for deliveries.

Industrial LPG Installation

You are concerned about increasing productivity, reducing energy costs and simplifying your processes. With The BanglaMark, we can take care of the setup and management of your LPG needs and limit any downtime through just in time service. You deserve nothing less than the best LPG service for your business. We know how vital LPG is to operating your business at maximum efficiency.

Domestic LPG Installation

We also do bulk LPG tank installation for residential apartments. The installations are done to the highest and international standards to gurantee safety for our Customers. We carry out metered installation for bulk customers. Bulk Tanks are installed in designated areas able to service several customers in a single location. The service includes:

» Single LPG tank installation
» A meter for each unit
» Regulators
» LPG Piping to each unit
» LPG supply in bulk
» Option of leak detectors with automatic shut off
» Less time spent in purchasing and changing a gas cylinder
» Enhanced safety with the permanet connections.

Laboratory LPG Installations

With experience, our laboratory installation division is able to offer a complete laboratory construction service, all provided by our own in-house skilled engineers.

We offer a full hands on Project Management, ensures both compliance and the smooth running of the installation from design through to completion at project handover. Installation, including Construction, Mechanical & Electrical Services is by our own workforce, thus ensuring continuity of work, reduced on site times, and project responsible installers.

Revalidation & Maintenance of LPG Bulk Tank

We do rev
alidation of bulk LPG tanks at customer sites and have a special emergency evacuation truck. We undertake all repairs, maintenance and revalidation of LPG tanks. Our technical division performs all types of cleaning, inspection, pressure test, painting and reforming of LPG equipment, cylinders before any usage.

Emergency Services

We provide a full range of emergency repair services that will return your plant to full function in minimum time. Whether dealing with a gas escape or operating any gas equipment, The BanglaMark employees are encouraged to always think 'safety first'. If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you can call +88-01977646434  at any time.







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