Kosan Crisplant Flexspeed System

Kosan Crisplant's carrousel filling system is designed for safe and effective filling of all kind of LPG cylinders.
  • The system Up to 3,600 cylinders per hour on one single carousel system.
  • New handling and processing techniques.
  • Triple output on the same space.
  • Continuous flow – no stopping and starting.
  • Dynamic high-capacity processing technology.

Inline Filling System

Kosan Crisplant’s mobile compact filling systems are designed for safe and efficient filling and checking of all kinds of LPG cylinders.
  • Suitable for low capacity filling industrial cylinder.
  • Capacity between 50 and 250 cylinders per hr.
  • Semi-automatic handling of cylinders.
  • Flexible to different cylinder diameters.
  • Can perform both filling and check weighing.
  • Flexible solutions with possibilities of expansion.

Everything LPG

  • We offer in a standard way execution of complete refueling LPG station
  • Selection of proper equipment and fittings, installation, commissioning, training of personnel, certification of LPG dispenser.

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About Us


 Welcome LPG Bangladesh

THE BANGLAMARK is one of the Bangladeshi leading Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) service provider. We are distributer of Multinational companies for lLPG Bottling plant Equipment, turnkey Project, Gas Equipment, AutoGAs  Filling Station, bulk supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), LPG Bulk Storage Tank's, Fitting Componants, Valve, Regulators,  and more One LPG Solution . We have been in this Business for almost Eleven Years.

As with all successful companies our reputation has been built by giving a first rate service with quality. This service goes beyond simply delivering goods when asked, it includes offering a wide selection and choice from stock of reliable products with guaranteed quality and continuity of supplies. For customers who require Technical and Safety advice on any aspect, our Technical staff are pleased to help, backed by an expertise built up over many years of business with LPG  industry.

Apart from supply and distribution of LPG, we are engaged in other activities connected to LPG, i.e. High Pressure LPG Installations, Centralized LPG supply system for Flats and Apartments, Bulk LPG Tank installations, Industrial LPG installation & Burner system, Laboratory Installations, Conversion of Petrol Engine to LPG engine etc. The company has a team of dedicated staff and equipments.

Our Vision
To be a leading company in LPG Sector, LPG technical works and importer of LPG Fittings, in South East Asia and Bangladesh.
Mission Statement
To be the most competitive, efficient, reliable and personalized supplier of gas products, that satisfies our customers while maximizing on returns to shareholders and employees.
Strategic Plan of the Firm
To be a 'ONE STOP Solution' catering to the Energy needs for both National and Regional customers, providing services which are ahead of time in Technology and after sales services.

We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and customer service. There is continued expansion of this industry within the Bangladesh by promoting LPG to the consumer and by helping our customers with their own marketing strategies.

Company Values
The Company adheres to the following values: 

» Commitment to quality and excellence.
» Employee Welfare and Progress.
» Adoption of ethical business practices.
» Image of a dependable business associate.
» Being a responsible corporate member of the society.
» Offering the customer, best value for its money.


» To develop and maintain high standards of service to our customers and hence supply value for money.
» To contain company overheads and maintain a low cost base without compromising quality of service.
» To encourage innovation and creativity and continuously improve our efficiency and productivity.
» To continue to conduct business as a responsible corporate member of the society at large.


Company’s targets and mission

The main target of our company is to render the highest quality services for our customers. We concentrate on provision of complete services for our customers according to principle: purchase – installation - service.

One of the most crucial our goals is One Stop LPG Solution...


Time is money. So, who would come up one day before, they would be able to add one day's more margin to their business... 


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