Kosan Crisplant Flexspeed System

Kosan Crisplant's carrousel filling system is designed for safe and effective filling of all kind of LPG cylinders.
  • The system Up to 3,600 cylinders per hour on one single carousel system.
  • New handling and processing techniques.
  • Triple output on the same space.
  • Continuous flow – no stopping and starting.
  • Dynamic high-capacity processing technology.

Inline Filling System

Kosan Crisplant’s mobile compact filling systems are designed for safe and efficient filling and checking of all kinds of LPG cylinders.
  • Suitable for low capacity filling industrial cylinder.
  • Capacity between 50 and 250 cylinders per hr.
  • Semi-automatic handling of cylinders.
  • Flexible to different cylinder diameters.
  • Can perform both filling and check weighing.
  • Flexible solutions with possibilities of expansion.

Everything LPG

  • We offer in a standard way execution of complete refueling LPG station
  • Selection of proper equipment and fittings, installation, commissioning, training of personnel, certification of LPG dispenser.

Our Products

Vision and Values

The main target of our company is to render the highest quality services for our customers. We concentrate on provision of complete services for our customers according to principle: purchase - installation - service.

One of the most crucial our goals is complex customer's service.

Prior to purchase of such equipment as compressors, pumps, vaporizers we ensure free of charge verification of adapted technology in order to select optimal both with respect to price and technical parameters of equipment.

We consider that provision of permanent service care is equally crucial as proper equipment selection. Therefore supplying equipment, we provide complete warranty service and after warranty service. Furthermore in order to provide our customers convenience and service complexity, we extend services rendered by us by service of equipment of other manufacturers and suppliers.

Our aim is quick, professional and effective assistance in case of failure. We have 24 service with. max. shortened reaction within territory of the whole country for companies cooperating with us.

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